Support Corso Italia community, say no to a patio at 1312 St. Clair Ave. West

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To The Community Council,
It has come to the attention of the Corso Italian neighbourhood that the patio application, at 1312 St. Clair Avenue West (Belvedere Cafe & Grille) that was initially denied has now bee approved. Many of us in the neighbourhood have great concern over another patio on this corner and have been speaking among ourselves for some time, against it. One community member began a petition, (Cesar has since forwarded this to the Community Council). That petition was never passed throughout the community as the concerned citizen who started it had to travel and it was left unattended. Below please find more local residents wanting to deny a patio to this establishment. We, like Councillor Cesar Palacio, have concerns over a patio for numerous reasons. Councillor Palacio noted that the placement of the posts do not meet the 2.1m requirement for the pedestrian clearance zone, and with the many illegally parked cars on the sidewalk that spill out into the sidewalk pathway, the area is fraught with limited accessibility. In addition, some clientele that we have witnessed at this café create an unpleasant atmosphere, standing outside cursing, smoking and littering the sidewalk with their cigarette butts. One local resident witnessed a patron urinating in the nearby alleyway in broad daylight as she walked her child home.
What kind of an example is this business setting to people around them? With many reasons to support a restaurant that invited the community to participate in it, we don’t see a patio at this particular establishment doing so. We would love to support family friendly restaurants, but sadly, the existing business at 1312 St. Clair West is not one.
We hope that the case can be reopened and a patio to this business, which has not attempted integration into the community, denied.
Of note, we know they recently petitioned to have their case reopened with door-to-door canvasing, this was in May 2018 and we learned that:

Furthermore, when there is a negative response, re-polling for the same purpose may not take place until two years have passed since the closing of the previous poll. Accordingly no further application for boulevard cafe privileges at this location can be accepted until Sept 8, 2019.

So how did a patio get approved?
The Citizens of Corso Italia