Leave the Humewood Park toys alone!

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Multiple times over the last couple of weeks, city workers have come in and done a clean sweep of the toy collection in Humewood Park. These toys have been donated by the community and given a second life. They were not in a state of disrepair, many have survived the winter, some still had working batteries, and all were loved by local children. 

City workers themselves have commented that it’s a shame they have to do that - the toys just go straight to the landfill, they can’t even donate them, and what a waste it is.  

Given that there is still a treacherous hole in the ground left by a fallen tree from a windstorm months ago, that there is still a board haphazardly wired to the playground while they “wait for a part” that may never come, and a picnic bench missing boards with caution tape lazily draped across it, perhaps there are more important things to focus on than taking toys straight out of the hands of kids that enjoy them? 

If you agree that this sort of thing is what makes a community a community, and part of what makes our community so great, please consider signing this petition. 

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