Support Nordheimer biodiversity

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The city of Toronto Public consultation unit is still considering a Dogs Off Leash Area in the Nordheimer Ravine, in the recreational field adjacent to the pylons for the Spadina Bridge. 

The DOLA is part of the rehabilitation of the Sir Winston Churchill Park on top of the reservoir. The DOLA could not be returned there because of health reasons - potential leakage into the reservoir. The field proposed for the DOLA is considered a part of SWC but it is physically in the Nordheimer ravine.

The Nordheimer is an Environmentally Significant Area which is a city designation given to areas rich with biodiversity that need protection to thrive. The biodiversity is there because of the 20 years of restoration done by the Community Stewarding Program in the city's Parks, Forestry and Recreation department and in conjunction with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

The city states on its website that it acts to provide alternative sites to DOLA's to avoid having them in Environmentally Significant Areas. But, because the field in question is a designated recreation area, it was considered to be a potential location for the DOLA. However, it is physically in the ravine ESA  and will impact it.

With the DOLA comes the need to facilitate the entrance to the ravine of a larger population of dogs and dog walkers which will endanger the biodiversity. If it is allowed for there will be a review of the low lighting to facilitate these visitors. The low light nurtures the wildlife corridor that helped to build the biodiversity and get the ravine an ESA designation. 

But above all, that ravine is ours to enjoy nature in which the city is encouraging and facilitating. Please let the city know that you do not want to lose this nature sanctuary.