Stop the Central Coast Council destroying the Warnervale Airport

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The CCAC has tried as hard as possible to try and deal fairly with Central Coast Council over the last couple of years. We have refrained from public comment when they disapointed us again and again with unfair restrictions and refusal to maintain the Airport in a safe manner - believing they would do the right thing.

Our hopes were held in vain.

On Monday night, Cr Greenaway, who ran her entire campaign on closure of the Airport along with local 30 year anti-airport campaigner Laurie Eyes, managed to get a motion through for Council to investigate replanting sections of the southern part of the airport, including the first QUARTER OF THE RUNWAY, together with a 200 metre buffer around this zone which prohibits any mowing, slashing or trimming. Once again, all labor councillors and the Mayor voted unanimously for something which is anti Airport. Essentially, if this is approved, over time we will lose the first 1/3 of the runway. They are also looking into stopping any trimming of the tree line North and South of the runway. The increasingly displaced threshold will make our airport unusable within a short space of time.
Additionally, it is now obvious that the current council has no intention of renewing our agreement to operate beyond 2021. The Mayor promised the Aero Club in an email we would have our agreement looked at in July last year. Repeated attempts to have that promise realised have fallen on deaf ears.

They have just informed us that they now believe that they have triggered the movement cap under the act, and will be enforcing the 88 movement limit, and requiring 24 hour notice for any movement, INCLUDING ALL LOCALLY BASED AIRCRAFT, CLUB MEMBERS AND FLYING SCHOOL. We expect to receive official confirmation of this soon. This is a huge problem for us - we have existed without these arcane restrictions for 47 years without any issues within the community.

We are now at war.

Please make your voices heard to your Councillors, the Mayor and CEO and local state and federal members. It is a death of a thousand cuts, and some of the most underhanded manouvering ever to come out of a local council. It is a disgrace to local Government.

Contact Your Councillor or State member and let them know we will stand up for the CCAC!