Protect our Charleswood! OPPOSE the Oakdale Dr Complex

Protect our Charleswood! OPPOSE the Oakdale Dr Complex

April 6, 2021
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Councillor Kevin Klein
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Why this petition matters

A PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT is set to occur on Oakdale Dr.  which will adversely affect our neighborhood and set a precedent allowing this to occur on any street. 

What is being proposed?

3 – SIX story apartment buildings – approx. 67 ft. to top of building, containing 287 suites, 424 parking stalls and an Active Living Centre (ALC). 

 Where is this happening? previously owned church property PLUS elimination of two single family residential lots  (on existing 347- 365 Oakdale Drive properties)  

Why should we oppose it? 

Unprecedented mid residential street development – Potential increase of 500 additional residents between Grant & Roblin which greatly increases the population density. Increased senior housing is welcomed, just not at this scale in the middle of a residential street.

  •  Major increase in uncontrolled traffic – not only due to residents, visitors, and Active Living Centre traffic, but also potential development of over 200 rental suites at 4025 Roblin Blvd.  
  • Pedestrian safety – children walking to and from school located at Oakdale and Grant;  cycling and walking path access from Oakdale to Tom Chester Park.  
  • Drastic Departure from neighborhood character – if approved, ANY Charleswood street could be affected in the future due to precedent setting. 
  • Greenspace Destruction/Wildlife Impact – vast number of beneficial mature trees to be removed; displaced wildlife and danger to their future existence.  
  • Infrastructure – plan to pave existing oiled street, widen street and add sidewalk only partly  down the street, combined with aging water and sewer systems, drainage issues, snow  clearing, large increase to street parking.  
  •  Privacy and Security – views into neighboring yards due to height of buildings, substantial increase in light & noise pollution.  
  • Potential Increased taxes -for properties affected by paved roads and sidewalks. 
Support now
Signatures: 1,382Next Goal: 1,500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Councillor Kevin Klein