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#SafeGearNoFear: Secure storage of belongings for the homeless, for better well being

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In Brisbane’s inner city at least 288 people are homeless and 2,070 people live in unsafe or insecure accommodation. Like everybody else, people experiencing homelessness own personal belongings that hold great meaning to them - but where are they meant to store them?

Many people without homes spend a large proportion of their day seeking out new hiding spots for their personal belongings; however, storing items in public spaces is against legislation (Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, section 37c; Brisbane City Council Ordinances, Chapter 19, section 11). So this increases their anxiety levels with the constant worry that their personal items may be found and disposed of by police, cleaners, or members of the general public.

Imagine needing to weigh up either carrying all of your belongings with you on a daily basis, or risk leaving them behind, not knowing if they will be there when you return.

Currently, there are extremely limited resources (i.e. lockers) within Brisbane’s inner city to provide storage and security of personal belongings for people experiencing homelessness. This has a flow on impact on the range and choice of daily activities individuals in this situation can take part in.

Allowing every person a means to store their personal belongings securely not only decreases the anxiety and stigma experienced day-to-day, but also the discomfort of carrying everything around.

Sign this petition today to show your support and lobby the Brisbane City Council to provide suitable facilities for people experiencing homelessness to secure their stuff #SafeGearNoFear.

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