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Save Husky Church

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We the undersigned petition the Shoalhaven City Council to reconsider the heritage listing of the church and its grounds (Holy Trinity Church Group), which it deleted from the Draft LEP2004 despite 'strong objections' from the NSW Heritage Office.

We ask the Anglican Church and the relevant government bodies to acknowledge the architectural, religious, social, environmental and aesthetic significance of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church and its surrounding land, including historical trees and burial ground, located at Huskisson Lot 7 Section 3 DP758530, 17 Hawke Street, Lot 8 Section 3 DP758530 22 Currambene Street, Lot 9 Section 3 DP758530 26 Currambene Street (Jerrinja Local Aboriginal Land Council).

SAVE HUSKY CHURCH building & land from demolition and development.

 The Anglican Church is wanting to DEMOLISH the Historical Building and SELL the land that was given to them for free!

 The land not only hosts the historical building - it is also home to valuable vegetation and graves. 

There is also very strong evidence showing that there is an important Indigenous Elder buried on the site - proper heritage assessment needs to be carried out on the land before hasty decisions about development are made.


The Anglican Church stands to make MILLIONS of Dollars from the sale of this land that was given to them by the government FOR FREE entrusting them to use it for the betterment of the local community. 

Community members volunteered their time to help build this church and plant trees on the land. Their hard-work and love for their community is in the History of Huskisson.

Locals and Tourists a-like treasure this community site as it gives the town such a unique feel  A development of 3 and 4 storey apartments and a conference centre in this spot is inappropriate and will eliminate History of the town only to replace it with generic development that has no history, imagination or unique qualities. 

The site could be used for so many things that would serve better for the town, tourists and local community. 



Why Save the Huskisson Church Historic Heritage?

The church, the adjoining hall, and the land it stands on are an integral part of the Huskisson landscape.

The Holy Trinity Church on Hawke Street at the corner of Bowen Street has been deconsecrated by the Anglican church and may be sold. We ask for the building to be heritage listed.

The uses of heritage buildings can change over time, and so the fact that it is not currently being used for church purposes may allow its sale but is not an argument for removal, relocation or demolition. A heritage listing on the Shoalhaven Local Environment Plan would prevent this and keep the church on the site. If the church buildings are sold, a heritage listing would protect them from removal or demolition. Acceptable community uses for the buildings could be the subject of future community consultation.

Huskisson is not just valued for the amazing beauty and opportunities of Jervis Bay. It is also loved and visited because of the tranquility, cultural and natural beauty of the village.

Why isn’t it already listed?

The church was listed. Back in 2006 the Shoalhaven Council voted to remove the church from the heritage items listed on its Local Environment Plan. When the NSW Heritage Office ‘strongly objected’ to this the Council argued that there were ‘sufficient and adequate representation of similar items’ retained in the draft plan.

Sadly, this is not true, as the items sited at other places in the Shoalhaven are not of the same design or importance. Council also cited representations from the Anglican Church dated February 2007 to keep the building off the heritage list. The loss of the church and grounds maybe of economic benefit for the church (Sydney Diocese), but it is at Huskisson’s and Jervis Bay’s cost.

Why are the Holy Trinity Church and lands important?

  • The church was designed by Cyril Blacket: architect, Shoalhaven resident and Local Councillor. The Blacket family is famous for designing churches. Cyril Blacket also designed buildings in the Shoalhaven including the Nowra School of Arts, the Showgrounds War Memorial Gates and more. 
  • The church has strong connections to the local community who raised the money and built the church; the first ANZAC ceremony was held at the church.
  • There are a number of graves on the site that still haven’t been properly assessed for their heritage values.
  • It is valuable for its mature vegetation which contributes many ecosystem services such as temperature modification, especially in light of current continuing loss of trees from private blocks.
  • Many of the mature trees also have cultural value as they were ceremoniously planted in the 1930s by local dignitaries.
  • It is important for its indigenous connections. The adjoining land is owned by Jerrinja Land Council.  

Is it the Church’s to sell?

Yes, the church can sell it. But the church did not pay for it. The state government gave the land for church purposes back in the late nineteenth century. It was managed by a trust of local people and was built with local community contributions of money and labour. The property has always been exempt from rates and taxes.

In 1979 the land title was transferred to the Church of England Property Trust, Diocese of Sydney. This is the body that would benefit from its sale. There is no guarantee that it would benefit the Shoalhaven.

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