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Remove the spiked paving from Horsley Hill Square in South Shields

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I am outraged that spiked paving has recently been placed in Horsley Hill Square, South Shields. Councillors Ian Malcolm, Mark Walsh and Eileen Leask, for the Horsley Hill area of South Shields, are responsible for this decision. They work for the local government of South Tyneside. 

These three councillors have defended their decision to place spiked pavement slabs next to the shops in this area, saying the slabs are there to deter anti-social behaviour from youths living in the local area.

I am not convinced that these nasty looking paving slabs will deter young gang members. Any able-bodied youth in good physical health could stand on these slabs in a pair of trainers with thick soles. I feel that better policing, spending more money on employing police officers who can actually police and spending some money on local centres that offer these youngsters something fun and interesting to do is the solution to anti-social behaviour.

These spiked paving stones are placed beneath walls that could, potentially, offer a homeless person shelter from the cold. If I were homeless, I would look for a place offering at least some shelter to go to sleep. Although the above-named councillors attest that no rough sleepers live in the area, this paving sends the homeless people in our town the wrong kind of message. They look unwelcoming and cruel.

This is a town that, in my experience, is full of kind, well-meaning folk with huge hearts but very little money. Any of us could become homeless. This is not what we need to see in our town.

Let's not forget that not too long ago, South Shields was described as the 'homeless capital' of the North East. It's right here in a local Gazette article from around one year ago:

Additionally, these spiked paving stones are hazardous to the most vulnerable members of the community. A young toddler, a pregnant mum, a disabled individual or someone frail and elderly could easily lose their footing on these slabs. They are a law-suit waiting to happen.

Sign this petition if you want the responsible councillors to stop what they are doing and consider a more humane approach to resolving the issue of anti-social behaviour in the area of Horsley Hill, South Shields.


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