Name The Toronto Lamport Homeless Shelter in Honour of Joyce Penner

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Please help us honour a former Liberty Village resident, Joyce Penner, who passed this summer 2018, while battling the plight of homelessness.

We ask that The City of Toronto officially honour and name the Temporary Homelessness Services Respite Shelter at Lamport Stadium, 1115 King St. W., Toronto, Liberty Village, after Joyce Penner. Please sign this petition to help.

Joyce asked me, in 2017, if her story could help other homeless people, artists and those on the verge of becoming homeless:

Joyce was a pensioner from historic West Liberty Village, an artist who claims she was improperly removed from her studio loft in 2013 to make way for gentrification.

Joyce's home was a mere 100m from the new Lamport Temporary Respite Center and she wanted to remain in her home. She was passionate about art & theatre and settled in Liberty Village due to its theatre heritage. Her home was part of a vibrant artist's community in an artist's loft in historic West Liberty Village for decades. When she and her building's artists were improperly evicted, Joyce was forced to rent a small condo apartment. She found something barely within her pension's budget on Joe Shuster Way. 
Joyce was there for ~3 years until her lease expired and rates doubled. By then the real estate boom, that saw Toronto apartment rental rates skyrocket, could not be accommodated on her pension. At that time in Ontario, new rental housing did not mandate landlords maintain rates for tenants. 

Due to this, housing was no longer an affordable option and by 2016 Joyce was homeless!  In an attempt to resolve this, Joyce took up residence in her van. She lived in her van in Liberty Village sometimes visiting shelters and when she could afford it, the occasional rooming house until she passed away in the summer of 2018.

Witnessing first hand the hardship that this crisis put on Joyce, and her well being, our community asks for your help that her name be honoured, so that a name and face for homelessness, specifically in Liberty Village, comes to focus in the minds of those who seek to help find solutions to this crisis. 

We ask that Toronto will honour Joyce Penner as they attempt to solve the housing crisis in Toronto.

This petition is not only a remembrance for Joyce Penner but it is symbolic of a crisis in Toronto whereby the pressure from skyrocketing housing rates, gentrification and slow to materialise solutions sees real people, good people, valuable people thrown from their homes to lose their safe space and dignity. 
Joyce Penner was one of those people.

Please sign this petition to show your support of finding solutions to the homeless crisis in Toronto. Please sign this petition to honour and remember Joyce Penner, a Liberty Village artist resident pushed into homelessness in the last years of her life.