Zebra crossings on Billesley Lane needed due to more intense traffic and LTN diversions.

Zebra crossings on Billesley Lane needed due to more intense traffic and LTN diversions.

8 March 2021
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Councillor for Moseley/Kings Heath
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sonia Sheehan

Lets get the council onto better crossings for pedestrians on Billesley Lane! I will share this petition to Moseley/Kings Heath ward councillors and Birmingham City Council.

If you live on or near Billesley Lane or you use it to travel and appreciate the safety of others, please do sign this petition.

Billesley lane already struggles with high-speeding offenders and visibility problems at blind bends- with junctions from residential and main roads becoming car collision points.

Three car incidents happened in short succession 2020 at Greenhill road and Dyott road junctions onto Billesley Lane.

Some residents feel LTNs are bringing a higher frequency of vehicles passing through as they are being diverted to Billesley Lane, Moseley B13.

A lot of drivers are holding phones/calling/texting as they pass through.

Often the 20 mph limit is not being maintained or respected.

Traffic calming elsewhere is causing traffic calamity here. Please sign our petition.

Often families, dog walkers or the elderly can be waiting for what seems ages, at a pedestrian refuge crossing point, for traffic to slow down enough or to stop for them to allow them to cross over. At this point speeding cars carelessly overtake on the wrong side of the road causing a dangerous risk to life.

I believe a "raised" surface zebra crossing would prevent this poor driving behaviour and invite vehicle users to complete the length of the road at the required 20 mph speed limit.

We'd like to propose zebra crossing points at the six existing pedestrian refuge points along Billesley lane. Request suggestion for 3 of the crossings to be upgraded to pelican/lights crossing at each end of Billesley Lane at Springfield and Wakegreen ends, also one at the One Stop shop,  where people have visited more for essential purchases.

An older resident told me, it is so much harder to get accross the road and I don't like this feeling of vulnerability.

Please help by signing my petition to make Billesley Lane safer for pedestrians, which will also help vehicle users of all kinds also.

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Signatures: 43Next Goal: 50
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