Don't increase Botany Bays rates

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On the ninth of September 2020, the Bayside Council voted to increase our rates. 

This means an increase of up to 51% for the residents of Botany Bay, while Rockdale residents will pay around 15% less.

When this went to  council, it was passed 8 votes to 7 

Two Councillors who were elected to advocate for and represent residents of Botany Bay voted for the increase instead of looking out for the people who elected them.

This is unfair and we need to fight this. 

Please join me by contacting the Councillors below and let them know how you feel and sign this petition and ask them to do what they were elected to do. Stand up for the people in their electorate. 

Paul Sedrak                 Ph: 0416200034

Michael Nagi              
Ph: 0403222666