Councillor David Roche should resign as Cabinet member for Adult Social Care

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As Cabinet member for Adult Social Care, Councillor David Roche has presided over deeply unpopular proposals to close Rotherham's Learning Disability day and respite centres.

The proposals were approved by the Council's Cabinet on 21 May 2018 on the basis of a report, which was misleading. The report said that, "Each person with a learning disability has a review based on a person centred approach, which will inform the support and services the Council needs to provide to meet their individual needs by 2020. A dedicated team of social workers with the support of the existing staff will undertake the reviews"

It has since come to light that some 56% of Learning Disability service users have not had an assessment, yet there was no mention of this in the Cabinet report.

This should call into question the propriety of the Cabinet decision to close the centres yet Councillor Roche refuses to accept this point.

As a consequence of the Council's failure to carry out care assessments, there is widespread uncertainty and anxiety amongst service users, families and carers who have been given no indication of what alternative services might be available when the centres close.

Councillor Roche has consistently failed to answer questions and his most recent performance at the Council meeting of 5 September was woeful. He did not answer a single question that was asked and was evasive in his replies.

Service users, parents and carers have lost all confidence in Councillor Roche and his ability to provide appropriate political direction and leadership and we call on him to take the principled decision to resign his Cabinet position.