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Over the last 10 months, we have diligently proved that there is no Educational Justification for relocating Warlingham Village Primary School. That instead, this would be detrimental to our children’s education, the community and our environment, and was proposed purely for developer gain.
The proposal of a new school still remains in the Local Plan, which we cannot change as it is with the Inspector for review.  However, what we can now confirm is that the original developer for Greenacres has withdrawn.
The new developer for the site has carried out the same factual process that we have and we believe is of the opinion that there is no requirement for additional school places. We understand that they have, like us, also submitted a Freedom of Information request to Surrey County Council and have not received any information; simply that there is ‘no formal proposal’.
We understand that they consider it inappropriate that they should be solely responsible for building a school they consider unjustified and would instead wish to contribute to Section 106 (money for infrastructure), proportionate to the other developers in the Local Plan.
Surrey County Council have no money to fund a new school build.
This means that given there has been no Educational Justification shown and there is now no one willing to build a new school, all that remains is a school proposed in the Local Plan with no means of delivery.
As Greenacres inclusion in the Local Plan; and release from the Green Belt; was on the basis there was going to be a school for community benefit, we have asked Becky Rush, our County Councillor, for a meeting to see how we could take forward an alternative option; a ‘Plan B’ before the Inspector reaches his conclusion in September. She declined.
Following this we instead emailed to ask for confirmation of her position, as our County Council representative, as at present she appears to be the only elected representative who is advocating the proposal as it is currently in the Local Plan. She has failed to respond.
Despite this,we are delighted to confirm that the campaign is now on ice, as we have safe guarded the school’s current location as far as is possible.
Should there be a need to ‘defrost’ the campaign at any point, we will be ready to continue the fight. But for now, we have won the battle, safe guarded the school site and, most importantly, our children’s education for many more years to come.
We would like to thank you all for your support, but special thanks should go to:
·     All of you who housed a banner, poster or petition, or delivered a leaflet and Ali for designing them.
·     Everyone who came to a meeting and to Sergio at La Botija for hosting (& Nikki for being official minute taker!).
·     To CR6 magazine, Surrey Mirror and all the other publications who gave us coverage.
·     The Parish council for listening and requesting answers from SCC in support of the campaign.
The community spirit shown has been brilliant, long may it continue!
Sarah & Angela

Sarah Johnson
1 year ago