Declare a Climate Emergency in Tower Hamlets

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The science is clear: human-caused climate change is real, it is happening and its effects are being felt right now.

The IPCC's most recent report puts the issue in stark terms: we have only 12 years in which to radically reconfigure our society, economy and political systems in order to deal with this crisis, and limit global temperature rise to the 1.5 degrees enshrined in the Paris Climate Accords.

Make no mistake, we are facing a Climate Emergency.

This has already been recognised by a number of Councils in England and Wales, including Bristol, Brighton, Milton Keynes, Lambeth and the Greater London Assembly.

In recognition of this we call on Tower Hamlets Borough Council to formally recognise that we are living in a Climate Emergency, and to take all necessary steps to meet this challenge by achieving carbon-neutrality by 2030.

We do not have very much time in which to rise to this challenge, and the costs of failure will be impossibly steep. Tower Hamlets Borough Council must act, and act now.