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This is a petition to hopefully change Councillor Cowan’s mind about closing Llantilio Pertholey Community Hall’s gates for the parents to use as a safe area to park whilst dropping the children off at Ysgol Gymraeg Y Fenni, Dosbarth Meithrin and Cylch Meithrin. By opening the gates it will decrease the sheer volume of traffic we have witnessed in this time that Cowan have decided to no longer open the gates for the parents. It will ensure the safety of our pedestrians to get where they need to be without worrying about the rush hour traffic. There has been an incident in recent days that was too close of a call involving two young children, there have been many attempts to change Cowans mind, hopefully as a community we can pull together and see that he man of our community listens to our pleas! Make this area safe again for our children! Every signature will be greatly appreciated!

thanks for your time!