Music Matters - Keep Fees Fair

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Perth and Kinross Council are increasing Instrumental Music Tuition fees by up to 60% over the next three years, starting with 20% this year. This includes fees for lessons, music camps and P&K bands and orchestras (known as 'Central Groups'). At the current uptake, this would mean that music camps would run at a profit, something which would not be allowed for a school trip. 

We therefore call upon Perth and Kinross Council to:

1) Ensure that Music Camps are not priced so as to make a profit at the current rate of uptake.
2) Ensure that any increases in fees for lessons, music camp and central groups in subsequent years are not above the rate of inflation.

If fees for music lessons increase by 60% they will be almost as expensive as private lessons. This will mean some children will give up because of cost and those who can afford it may swap to private lessons as better value for money (IMS lessons are often in pairs or small groups) decimating the Instrumental Music Service as a result. P&K is also putting approximately £35 000 per year for the next 3 years into increasing the availability of lessons to children from less well off families. Whilst this is welcome, it takes more than 3 years to learn to play an instrument and will not reach everyone who will struggle with the increased fees.