Save the Lytton Park Green Space

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The Residents of Lytton Park Toronto have been blindsided by the duo of the North Toronto Tennis Club (NTTC) and Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department (PFR Department) of the City of Toronto.  The peaceful green space, which is predominantly used by Seniors in our community to play Croquet, has been a valued and treasured component of the Lytton Park neighbourhood for over 105 years.  The current North Toronto Croquet Club (formerly North Toronto Lawn Bowling Club) is facing extinction by the aggressive and secretive actions of the NTTC and the PFR Department.  Without any forewarning to the residents of Lytton Park, the PFR Department made an uninformed recommendation to accept a proposal by the North Toronto Tennis Club to expand its facilities and nearly double its membership to 700. Doing so will eliminate the community's green space.  Together the NTTC and PFR department tried to jam their proposal through Committee at City Hall thinking no one would oppose their unresearched proposal.  The issue has been deferred by the City until January of 2019 until the GM of PFR consults with the community, interested parties and the Councillor.   This is not a utility of space issue.  This is an issue of appropriate uses for the size of the neighbourhood and preservation of green space in an already congested area.  We implore the elected Councillor and the City Parks and Environment Committee to refuse this proposal on the grounds it will create more traffic volume, parking, pedestrian safety, noise, lighting and environmental issues to the determent of the residents who live near and surrounding the facility.  If passed, the proposal will irrevocably change the fabric of the community for the worse.