More thought before destroying our greenways in South Middlesbrough

More thought before destroying our greenways in South Middlesbrough

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We believe that the people of South Middlesbrough, notably all those living south or, or near, StaintonWay, have not been informed of the full impact of the numerous housing developments that Middlesbrough Council is progressing, and have planned, that will cause a growing range of problems for South Middlesbrough residents and others using the present fragile road structure.

We want this situation to be addressed now and before any further developments or infrastructure changes are made.

Severe traffic issues will increase on various routes into Middlesbrough, especially at peak commuting/school times, and also at weekends and holidays, as people travel to and from Guisbrough, Whitby and the North Yorkshire Moors. The traffic problems result in many people who contribute to our town economy, and to the NHS, especially at James Cook Hospital, wasting so much time, and whilst doing so,  causing increasing emissions ( see pollution below) and noise pollution. We are awaiting the imminent Arup report which is supposedly about improving the Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland road infrastructure needs through a transparent and robust procedure.

Middlesbrough Council’s  ‘solutions’ have numerous doubts and on the traffic issues the consultants ( Arup) have considerable doubts with the increases in housing planned up to 2030. Spending, for example only  £1.7m of £3.9m developers money, on the Dixons Bank scheme, even if it were remotely successful, would only push traffic into the roads through and around Coulby Newham, Hemlington and Acklam causing even greater issues there,  than exist already. 

Additional housing, on other greenfield sites, is in progress and planned at Hemlington, Coulby Newham and Acklam, and there is a new Police HQ at Hemlington which will all exacerbate  the situation in future years,  for us all. Many commuters and businesses attempt to further avoid traffic blockages, especially when any works are in progress, and in frustration many will use ‘rat runs’ with attendant risks of increased traffic accidents, as well as increased pollution.

However, transport infrastructure is not the only problem, there will be increased demand for school places, GPs and dentists in South Middlesbrough and these are not addressed in the plans.

We all recognise the need for additional housing and understand that transport systems will need to change, but we believe that no road works should commence before a wider consultation is essential before any further funds are expended across South Middlesbrough in order to ensure that the money available will have the most positive impact for all residents.