Help save local lifeline bus service for thousands of villagers in rural East Yorkshire

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I live in a rural village in the East Riding of Yorkshire with a regular bus service running between Market Weighton and York, via 7 villages and a shopping Outlet providing 8 journeys per day Monday to Friday and 4 journeys per day Saturday and Sunday.  East Yorkshire Motor Services and York City Council have terminated this lifeline No18 bus service saying it is no longer financially viable. They say they have limited funding for a 3 month period to provide one bus outbound at 0705 and one bus returning at 1830 Monday to Friday only. This is isolating thousands of villagers along the route, preventing employees getting to work, preventing patients accessing their doctors surgery, cutting off families, preventing families having days out during school holidays, cutting access to the local supermarket, stopping weekend leisure activities- and hundreds more reasons why we need our bus service to stay. Not everyone can drive, not everyone can afford a car, some have disabilities, others might enjoy a break from driving or be conscious of their carbon footprint. Regardless of whatever reason we might use the bus- it’s our only means out of the village. There are no other buses going in any other direction, to any other town or city so therefore why isn’t our valued lifeline financially viable for The City of York, if this is the only city it goes to! Please please help and show your support by signing this petition. Help show the council that just because we chose to live outside the city, we don’t choose to be isolated.

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