To stop drivers going through red lights at Discovery Drive, Flagstaff

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Too many people are having near misses with traffic going through  red lights on  the pedestrian crossing on Discovery road, beside Discovery park, where Children play, and sports take place,  we need traffic calming solutions to keep our community and children safe while crossing this road. This crossing is used by lots of children crossing the road to and from school. Just recently a family were crossing at this exact set of lights, and a 3 year old was hit and seriously hurt by a car that just sailed straight through the red light. There are an awful lot of traffic that just drive through a red light, it’s not just a one off every now and then, it’s almost  daily. Something needs to be done, Before someone is killed. 
I would like to see more of a Police presence to deter light jumping, and also a permanent traffic calming solution.  Please help me keep our community safe. Thank you.