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Petitioning Animal welfare Birmingham City Council

Council to hold a register for found/reported deceased cats.

Because many cat owners are unaware their cat is deceased & still search for them, a register of deceased cats would help owners identify if their cat is deceased & also give them closure. Just brief details of the cats colours & markings, if wearing a collar & what area the cat was found. Asking for a microchip scanner may be pushing luck but it would be a comfort to those who spend weeks, months & even years waiting to be reunited with their lost cat. 

Letter to
Animal welfare Birmingham City Council
We wish for you to hold a register for found/reported deceased cats in Birmingham. Dead cats are not taken to RSPCA or a cat rescue when found in the road or elsewhere, they are either just left or if picked up by council incinerated with no documentation held. It can be run by volunteers & doesn't have to cost the council money as there will be many who would raise funds to enable this. We just want something cat owners can refer to if looking for their lost cat.