Support Opening Roads to ATV Travel - Connecting Trails

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As you know the KATVA is currently working on opening roads in Cavan-Monaghan township to connect the VRTC with the Ganaraska Forest as well as open roads to allow residents within the township to access both trail systems. KATVA would also like to see riders have access to gas and restaurants with their long term goal being able to connect with other trail systems such as Northumberland County and create multi-day ATV and SxS loops for riders and increase tourism revenue for the communities they go through.

The anti-ATV group in Cavan-Monaghan township has gone on a letter writing campaign filling the councillors inboxes with protests against allowing ATVs and SxS on the roads, in some cases misrepresenting the facts to make their arguments.

This is a crucial time for all ATV organizations with Bill 107 coming in to play in the next 12 to 18 months. This is when all municipalities are looking at how ATVs and SxS fit into their community.

KATVA volunteers have worked exceptionally hard to get this far and now it's time for ATV supporters to step up and do their part to help KATVA show the mayor and councillors how important this is to all of us.

Please take the time to sign this petition as well as send an email to the people listed below. The only way KATVA can make this happen is for you to show your support, councillors need to know how much money is spent in communities that welcome off road vehicles, councillors need to see that this is a family sport, and that ATVers are responsible riders and respect the privilege of being able to ride in their community. Even if you don't live in this township, KATVA still needs you to sign this petition and send an email to show your support as KATVA continues to connect communities for their riders. Please know that some councillors decisions will be swayed by the number of emails they receive for or against the issue.

Please send an email to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors and staff to let them know you support the opening of roads in Cavan-Monaghan Township.

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Deputy Mayor Matthew Graham -
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