Pave paradise to put in a parking lot?

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Tomorrow, July 19th the St. Pete Eco Village will be speaking in opposition of a Special Exemption request to demolish two historic buildings (in the middle of our campus) to put in a parking lot for an auto body shop. The orange house (in photo) is the proposed demolition site. Built in 1924, this is a historic part of St Pete. 

With the addition of an impermeable surface near the garden, the amount of stormwater runoff will increase, bringing with it potentially hazardous chemicals from the stored and parked cars near by.

Subsequently, if the parking lot is approved, and demolition should occur, there is an even greater risk for contamination of our soil due to the particulates and  the potential for harmful chemicals to be deposited during the demolition process. Our garden is just a few steps away from the potential demolition site. 

Our City Council gives great regard to our voices, we thank you for your support!