Southam Cycle Route

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We want to create a safe, traffic free cycle route from Southam to Long Itchington.

This is a local project so we're hoping you will support us .

These are a few reasons why we think this will benefit:

1. Improve life in Southam - This will make Southam a better place to live in,
The cycle route will encourage walking & cycling.  When you exercise your body becomes fitter & releases endorphins which should make increase you're positive outlook.

2.  It will make the roads safer
The cycle route will separate the road traffic & cycling & walking. Less obstructions on the road to slow the traffic while much safer routes for cycling walking.

3.  It will help slow down climate change 
Every trip taken by bike or walking is one less person taking a  car trip.  Less car use means less Carbon Dioxide released.  It's part of saving our planet.

4.  It will increase tourism
The route will be a beautiful pathway from between the  Historic town of Southam to the Historic village of Long Itchington.  It will also link Southam to the existing National cycle route.

To get the go ahead to start on this project we need to demonstrate lots of local support so  If you would like to support us then please sign the petition