Council's proposal for Oval Thresholds along Loftus Avenue

Council's proposal for Oval Thresholds along Loftus Avenue

6 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Emily Murty

To the Sutherland Shire Council

Loftus Avenue, Loftus is a highly frequented roadway. 

In response to concerns for increasing safety along this road, Sutherland Shire Council applied for the construction of traffic calming infrastructure through the Federal Government Black Spot programme. 

Sutherland Shire Council was successful in their application and in May, 2021 council approved for oval thresholds to be placed near: 191-193 Loftus Avenue, 203-205 Loftus Avenue and 257-261 Loftus Avenue, as a means to slow traffic and reduce the likelihood of further accidents. 

Twelve months later, on the 26th May, 2022 the residents to be directly impacted by the construction of these thresholds were notified by letter and given the opportunity to provide “feedback”. In providing such feedback, residents were informed that work was imminent and no further considerations or alterations to the plan would be taken into account. 

There has been no meaningful community consultation and, In further conversation with council it has emerged, that there has been no thorough risk assessment including data collection or analysis resulting in a mediocre understanding of the problem, there has been little consideration to the property owners who are directly effected by this proposal and no consideration of alternative methods to address the concerns of Loftus residents. There is further concern that if the proposed oval thresholds were to be constructed in these locations, the risk to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians would actually increase. 

We seek your support in objecting to the imminent construction of the Traffic Calming infrastructure. We would request Sutherland Shire Council do a more thorough investigation, including meaningful consultation with our community to increase safety for residents, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians along Loftus Avenue. 

We the following persons hereby give notice of our objection to the proposed Traffic Calming infrastructure [Oval Thresholds] to be placed in Loftus Avenue, Loftus for reasons which include:

a)      inadequate planning considerations.

b)     inadequate community consultation.

c)      inadequate notice of the proposal.

d)     noncompliance with the funding conditions.

e)     significant deleterious impacts on the amenity of the area.

f)      reliance on obsolete data.

g)      failure to adequately consider the rights of the persons effected.

h)     failure to properly consider and consult in relation to alternative methods to address what is perceived to be the problem.


We thank you for your support. 

The Residents of Loftus Avenue, Loftus. 

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Signatures: 243Next goal: 500
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