Council Rock Needs Full Day Kindergarten

Council Rock Needs Full Day Kindergarten

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Why this petition matters

Started by David Kenney

Council Rock needs a full day kindergarten plan of action.

Next Fall, Council Rock School District should offer full day kindergarten to parents that have a child that has already been assessed by BCIU and determined to have additional needs. These kids always should have been eligible! Additionally Council Rock should begin the process of implementing Full Day Kindergarten.

Since 2017 Council Rocks Kindergarten class has contracted from 626 to just 539 today.

Historically Council Rock sees a jump of 30-40% in 1st grade enrollment because parents seek alternative programs perhaps to better prepare their child for success in school and establish the structure for future success. This is especially true for children with unique needs.

Whatever your thoughts on the motivations and merits we do know this has been studied alot. There is no question that full day kindergarten enhances all young students transition into the demands of school. We also can reference lots of studies that have found a districts ability to better assess a childs needs happens during their earliest years.

Today 30-40% of kindergarten students remain unknown and not enrolled at Council Rock.

Our teachers and support staff are great at what they do. Giving them an earlier look at the districts newest students helps take pressure off the entire system likely reducing that big influx into 1st from other programs and may enhance the entire education cycle for every child.

The results of a large scale Department of Education Study are clear. Full Day Kindergarten enhances early learning skills and places children in a better position for success in 1st grade and beyond.

"All children, regardless of child, family and classroom
characteristics, are learning new skills and
abilities in reading and math during the kindergarten
year. This study suggests that public school fullday
kindergarten is associated with larger reading
and math gains but does not specify which knowledge
and skills are being learned in kindergarten."

                                                           U.S. Dept of Education - ECLS study

In the past the Council Rock school district school board has voted against full day education for their kindergarten students.

Reasons for prior denial of full day Kindergarten include

  • Lack of Classrooms
  • Lack of Funds

Since 2017 the districts total elementary enrollment has declined by about 300 students. At the same time roughly 17 additional elementary classrooms have been authorized.

Please sign the petition which will be presented to the school board, as well as, whatever new administration is put in place over the next few weeks.

493 have signed. Let’s get to 500!