Get Coventry, RI Town Council to address the issues at Brady Sullivan - Harris Mills

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The media, including ABC6, TurnTo10, WPRI 12, GoLocalProv, the State Fire Marshal, and the EPA have all determined that the complaints from Harris Mills are worthy of their time. They have all launched investigations and are working to get to the bottom of our problems. Coventry Town Council President Shibley and Town Solicitor Nicholas Gorham have stated that they don't "hear a need" and have "heard contrary" to the complaints being voiced during the Public Comment section of the most recent Town Council meetings. If all of those organizations have deemed the complaints credible, what makes the town special? Why are they so adamant about ignoring the issues? What are they trying to cover up? We need to discuss these issues. The more people in favor of the discussion, the better. Please sign to get them to put the issue back on the agenda so that we can get to the bottom of this mess and address the problems! Thank you!