Decision Maker Response

Khal Asfour’s response

Khal Asfour
Mayor, Canterbury Bankstown Council

Nov 30, 2018 — As the Executive Manager to the Mayor, I am responding this response on his behalf.

The Beaman Park cricket nets were identified for replacement this year as their condition was no longer considered to be of a sufficient level to adequately protect users. The new nets will still have three wickets, improved dividing fences and cages. They will be full length and generally will be an improvement, not just a renewal, on the old nets.

In developing the plan for their replacement, Council liaised with the Canterbury and Western Suburbs Cricket Association and it was our expectation and understanding that the association would communicate with the clubs. It is apparent that this did not happen. The Association agreed with the Council's scope and timing of works. They were notified again when works commenced.

Council has traditionally relied on associations to disseminate this information, however we recognise that we could have notified the clubs directly and in future will take these additional steps.

The replacement of the nets is scheduled to be completed prior to Christmas and will be open and available for the recommencement of the season in January next year.

William Barton
Executive Manager