Preserve Historic North Hill, Prevent re-zoning

Preserve Historic North Hill, Prevent re-zoning

June 2, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brian Webster

Dear Council Person, et al.

This email is to express my opposition to the rezoning request by Beck Partners of Lots 1 through 13 and 28-30, Block 163, Belmont Tract, from PR-1AAA to PC-1.  

Such rezoning would be detrimental to the area.  While property values are likely to be impacted  in an area where commercial buildings may be built, these commercial buildings and severely reduced setbacks are completely inconsistent with our residential neighborhoods current zoning structure and designation as a U.S. Historic District.  

While Beck has made grand promises of residential structures filling the block, he has let us know of his plans to sell the lot(s) to fund the development of the building on the commercial side.  Now that the complete application has been formally submitted and accepted by the City of Pensacola, we see that there is NO mention or plans for any homes along the Baylen Street side or any other restrictions that would force them to pursue only residential uses.  Once the lots go up for sale, if rezoned to commercial, the neighborhood will be at the mercy of the highest bidder.

At present all lots zoned as PC-1 are limited to locations that front on either Palafox or Cervantes. There are no PC-1 designations within the interior of the historic district residential area from Palafox to Deviller’s and from Blount to Cervantes.

For these reasons we feel the rezoning should not be allowed thus preserving the neighborhoods designation as a historic residential neighborhood.   We do not feel it is anyone’s best interest to rezone from residential to commercial simply to line the pockets of the developer while the residents paying the cost.

I strongly urge you to disapprove the proposed rezoning.



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Signatures: 53Next Goal: 100
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