Support of the European chefs and restaurants industry during Coronavirus Crisis

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The Coronavirus crisis is hitting the world and the global health system.

Medical doctors are giving their lives to save others. At the same time, the chefs and restaurateurs who are showing their support and global consciousness by closing their restaurants are becoming the first population financially at risk, first hit by the measures of confinement.

Ironically, not only restaurants are one of the largest industry in the world, it is also the most human and connecting one, supporting and feeding the human community around them, night and day.

This petition is claiming to the European authorities to take urgently global actions to support the hospitality industry financially, to go through these difficult times.

The petition is asking the European Authorities to Provide

1/A clear list of criterias that would allow a restaurant to remain open and/or prepare take away

2/Measures of safety the restaurants and their team should be following if they are allowed to stay open

3/A clear financial support that would be given by each European country, measured through the global income a restaurant/the time it has to be shut down (partially or totally)

4/An exemption of governmental charges and taxes during the crises

5/ The payed unemployment for their team

6/ A global support from their business owners, to exempt of rents during the time of the crisis.

Chefs and restaurants are not only representing fun and pleasure. They are representing the beating and true heart of the society.

May this make justice for the chefs.

Amelie Vincent The Foodalist