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This is to express our dismay of and strong opposition to the European Union’s current plan to provide a multi-million development package to the repressive Government of Issaias Afewerki of Eritrea.   

  • WHEREAS over the last two decades tens of thousands of Eritreans fled the country escaping enslavement in the name of military service

  • WHEREAS the Government of Issaias Afewerki has curtailed most freedoms, from movement to expression; from religion to association; from where to live, when to marry and who to worship 

  • WHEREAS the extra-judicial executions, enforced disappearances and incommunicado detentions aimed at silencing all perceived critics  continue unabated

  • WHEREAS the 2007 European Union’s122 Million Euros similar aid package had no impact in either reducing or eliminating the brutalization of the Eritrean people at the hands of the repressive regime

  • WHEREAS in June of last year, the regime’s brutal treatment of its own people prompted the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) to launch the International Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea

  • WHEREAS European Union development aid notwithstanding, so long as repression continues in Eritrea, children, youth and women will continue to flee the country and embark on treacherous journeys that claim innumerable lives     

 We therefore CALL upon the European Union to:

  • Stop rewarding the brutal dictatorship with new funds and instead redirect funding to nongovernmental humanitarian organizations to provide food, shelter, counseling and transitional assistance to refugees in desperate need of help

  • State unequivocally its position in support of the Eritrean people in their struggle to usher in a constitutional and accountable Government elected by the people

  • Demand that the brutalization of the Eritrean people that is at the root of mass migration be halted immediately

  • Identify and impose travel restrictions on senior members of the repressive regime who visit European capitals to mobilize financial resources from the diaspora

  • Request the repressive Government of Issaias Afewerki to allow the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) access to Eritrea
Eritrean Afar State in Exile (EASE)
Eritreans For National Dialogue (EFND)
Eritrean-American Civic Association, Boston (EACAB)
Eritreans for Human and Democratic Rights - UK (EHDR-UK)
Eritrean Forum for National Dialogue (Medrek)
Eritrean Global Solidarity (EGS)
Eritrean Movement for Change (EMC)
Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC)
Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP)
Eritrean Solidarity Movement for National Salvation (ESMNS)
Eritrean Youth Movement for Change - Las Vegas (EYMC-LV)
Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change - (EYSC)
Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change - (EYSC-NA)
Eritrean Youth Solidarity for National Salvation (EYSNS)
Hidmonna - Eritrean-Canadian Human Rights Group - Manitoba (ECHRG)
Human Rights Concern - Eritrea (HRCE)
Independent Eritrean Women's Association for Peace & Democracy (IEWAPD)
Nationaler Rat fuer demokratischen Wandel in Eritrea E.V
Network of Eritrean Women (NEW)
Release Eritrea
Stop Slavery in Eritrea

Mr. Abdu Kelifa
Dr. Afeworki Paulos
Dr. Almaz Zerai
Ms. Amal Ali
Mr. Amanuel Iyassu
Dr. Araya Debesay
Dr. Bereket Yohannes
Dr. Berhan Ahmed
Dr. Chefena Hailemariam Debenna
Mr. Chris Cotter
Mr. Dan Connell
Ms. Elsa Chyrum
Mr. Ermias L.Tecklehaimanot
Ms. Fowzia Hassen
Mr. Ghezae Hagos Berhe
Mr. Habte Hagos
Mr. Karrar Hiabu
Mr. Khaled Abdu
Ms. Khedijah Ali Mohammed-Nur
Mr. Jemal Humed
Mr. Leonard Vincent
Mr. Martin Plaut
Ms. Meriem Omer
Ms. Meron Estefanos
Mr. Michael Ghebre
Dr. Mohamed Kheir Omer
Mr. Munir Karrar
Mr. Petros Tesfaghiorghis
Mr. Rezene Dermas
Dr. Russom Mesfun
Mr. Saleh Gadi Johar
Mr. Samuel Negash
Dr. Sara Ogbay
Ms. Selam Kidane
Mr. Seyoum Tesfaye
Dr. Tadios Tesfu
Mr. Tes Meharenna
Dr. Tsigabu Asmelash
Ms. Vanessa Berhe
Ms. Veronica Almedom
Dr. Yonas Mehari
Ms. Yvonne Meir

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