Stop discriminations and abuses against photographers

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Photographers are stopped, harassed, intimidated, beaten, sometimes even killed simply because they are taking photographs.
Unrestricted photography by private citizens and photojournalists has played an integral role in protecting the freedom, security, and well-being of any society in the world.

Photography has an established history of contributing to improvements in civil rights in any part of the world.In most democratic countries of the world, there are not very many legal restrictions on what can be photographed when in public view. And photography usually is a right recognized as part of the freedom of expression of every individual. Despite this, everyday in some part of the world acts of censorship, intimidation and violent acts are committed against those who use a camera in a public place.Through this petition we are asking a universal Magna Carta, recognized and enforced by any State that recognizes the rule of law and human rights, by defending any individual to make photographs in a public place.

This campaign is for everyone who values freedom of expression and the right to photograph for everyone in a public place.
We ask you to sign this petition to defend freedom of photographers in any part of the world.