Solidarity Agreement - Refugees Welcome

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Solidarity Agreement - Refugees Welcome

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Many refugees are arriving in Europe. The great majority of them have been forced to flee their home country because of war, dictators, political persecution or attacks on minorities.

More than 4.500 of those refugees are living in the Jungle of Calais or in other camps in Northern France, in order to arrive in the country in which they wish to ask for protection Just because they are forced to leave their homes, does not mean they should have no choice about where they continue their lives. They are forced to live in inhuman conditions, conditions that are contrary to the founding values of Europe as well and to international laws.

On August 21, 2015, the French and British governments signed an agreement in Calais regarding further tightening and increased security of the French-UK border. This is an agreement we profoundly disagree with.

To this declaration, which reflects in great part the positioning of all European governments, European citizens are hereby responding with the following joint declaration:

1. We, European citizens, organised in groups or independent, declare our solidarity toward the refugees searching for protection in Europe. We are committed to giving them efficient material, psychological and legal aid in order for them to get the protection they are searching for, and to support them in their journey towards more freedom, safety and a decent life. We are committed to coordinating our actions and to manifesting our solidarity together to spread and amplify it.

2. We also demand that our governments decide now to welcome all refugees with dignity instead of blocking them with more barb wired fences.

3. Lastly, we also demand that our French, British and European governments put in place and implement a real politic of hospitality towards all refugees arriving in Europe. We particularly ask them:

• To process more quickly, efficiently and humanly all requests for protection;

• To allow refugees to arrive legally in the country in which they wish to ask for protection, without having to resort to smugglers or endangering their lives;

• To dismantle the barb wired fences that disfigure and shame Europe, in Calais and elsewhere.


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This petition had 2,060 supporters

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