Save dying farm animals still stuck in ships on Suez canal

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At 150,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!
At 150,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!

***Massive thanks to everyone who has signed so far. While the Ever Given has now been unstuck, thousands of animals are still waiting in cargo ships without food, water, lying and sitting in their own feces in the heat. Many, if not all, will die. In the dark, scared and without dignity. Let's get to 5000 signatures so I can take this to the media and urge EU and other governments to step in. This can no longer happen! ***

Petition to EU to step in and do something about 10-20 livestock ships caught up in the Suez canal traffic jam for almost a week.

There are hundreds if not thousands of cows, goats and sheep who are often already crammed into small spaces, in the Egypt heat, on choppy waters, standing in their own feces and vomit with nowhere to move and no light. They do not have access to food or water. This sounds like torture. The EU already don't take responsibility for how livestock is treated and this news piece mirrors one in recent times where some 1600 calves were in similar circumstances. They had wounds, ulcers, were skinny and severely dehydrated. Many could not open their eyes or even respond to stimuli. There should be no bureaucratic nonsense due to brexit, or grey areas in animal legislation practices currently, again due to brexit or due to the locality of this mess. The EU, Egypt and other countries (including where the livestock has travelled from) must get on board give these animals urgent priority so even their basic needs are met. Please urge your mp, your government and anyone else you can think of to urge Egypt to take action to get these animals the help they so desperately need before its too late

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