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Room For A Change is a growing initiative of EU citizens. We are urging the European Union and its 27 member states to take responsibility for refugees.

The European Union aims to provide a life in dignity, prosperity and safety for its citizens. However, for refugees on the European borders and inside the EU this does not apply. Instead, human rights are constantly violated. Our decision-makers are denying humans the basic needs that we are taking for granted.

We, the citizens of the European Union, do no longer tolerate the constant mistreatment of our values.

We demand:

R – Rescue

  • We are calling for a new joint EU sea rescue mission to prevent further deaths in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Physical violence towards and abuse of refugees on the European borders and inside the EU have to stop immediately.
  • Stop pushbacks on the European borders.

F – Fair treatment

  • Refugees are frequently reduced to numbers, figures and being a problem – stripping them of their individual context and identity. We must respect their human rights by treating each and every person with dignity, empathy, equality and humanity.
  • The European Union pride themselves in sharing a unique set of values. We want every member state to also share social responsibility and thus to commit to a fair and proportional distribution of asylum-seekers.

A – Accommodation

  • Access to safe and humane accommodation is essential for a life in dignity. Inhumane living conditions for refugees on the European borders and inside the European Union have to end immediately.
  • Instead, we are calling on decision-makers to quickly provide accommodation with access to basic amenities (water, food, hygiene, heating, electricity, medical & psychological care).

C – Change in perspective

  • Currently most decision-makers speak about refugees but not with them. This has to change. Refugees have to be involved in discussing issues, solutions and decisions on their own fate. 

Open Call: 

Do you want to join the team of Room For A Change? Help us create further awareness for the current situation of refugees. Together we want to change the Status quo! 

We’d love to get to know you! Contact us at: info[at]