Lighting the dark (Promoting dialogue and social cohesion)

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In seven years, the armed conflict in Syria led to the long-term influx of refugees into Turkey, where the number of refugees on 15/04/2018 indicates the presence of approximately 357,265 registered Syrian refugees, of whom 445,460 are refugees A Syrian registered in the state of Hatay, about 10% of these refugees are between the ages of 12 and 17 years.With nearly 500,000 local residents  in Antakya.It is understood that the massive influx of refugees results in dramatic changes in social and economic conditions.

In such circumstances:

    - Refugees are vulnerable to involuntary social isolation, which contributes to the fragmentation of societies and negatively affects social cohesion and harmony.

- Social isolation and disintegration contribute to the fragmentation of communities and evidence suggests that refugee families are highly vulnerable to social isolation in countries of asylum.

 - Children, adolescents and young people are highly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. In addition to their risky behavior, they are also at risk of being recruited by all parties.

Research is needed to determine the approach to better treatment: Culture plays a crucial role in achieving goal 11 of the goals of sustainable development, which aims at "making cities and human institutions open to all, flexible and durable".

  Music is more than a means of leisure, an important component of social cohesion, sustainable development, and in many parts of the world, music is a necessary part of the social fabric, a universal language that knows no boundaries and is the means of expression among peoples without hindering them Any limitations of ideologies or languages ​​that embody the power of the living heritage to unify humanity around shared values ​​and aspirations.

In this project, coaches pass values ​​(honesty, friendship or sense of accomplishment). "We offer them standards of behavior, with our love for them, they quickly realize that they need to be integrated into the program and gradually establish ties of friendship between young people and their coaches.

The volunteers are the backbone of all the integration projects, they are mostly students, they are intellectual and generous, and have the desire to give others without expecting anything.

 The use of music as a means of promoting integration and social cohesion, developing life skills, mentoring, leadership, and developing partnerships for maximum impact.

   build the technical and cultural capacities of 80 children and young people between the ages of 6-22 years, remove them from the danger of harmful extremism, reduce recruitment from all sides, and art a powerful weapon in combating extremism and destructive ideas.

Goal and Objectives.
- Highlighting the cultural face of Syria after noting that the media focused only on news of death and murder during the Syrian war, we felt the need to use music, in addition to the certainty that such projects, will give hope to the Syrians, especially those in the war zone.
- Create a safe environment where participants can use music and singing aimed at a peaceful and innovative way to challenge the harsh conditions they are going through in the country of asylum.
- Promote teamwork and intercultural understanding and build bridges of communication that influence individual and societal outcomes, thereby promoting the importance of mutual respect, tolerance and equal rights regardless of cultural, ethnic and religious differences.
- Treatment of involuntary social isolation that contributes to the fragmentation of society and negatively affects the promotion of social cohesion and harmony.
- Empower young people and adolescents to better represent their community in the country of asylum by promoting self-confidence, personal development and life skills.
Promote gender equality and encourage girls to pay attention to culture and art.
Try to invest the talents and abilities of children and young people and employ them in such programs.
aims to implement a variety of activities strategically to involve children and young people, to support their behavioral change and strengthen their relationships, based on understanding, tolerance and greater respect.
- Aims to use music as a tool for change and expression under the title "Voice of Peace" and singing in four languages for everything related to love, peace, man and earth.
- Invest in collective joy in promoting community cohesion, belonging to the homeland, fighting social imbalances, and mobilizing energies to meet the challenges of the present and the future.
- The project aims to contribute to breaking the stereotypes of refugees and our efforts to prevent Syrian children from becoming "lost generations", reducing tension and the danger of violence, "removing them from harmful extremism, reducing recruitment from all sides, The destroyer.
- To establish links with the local community, local authorities and organizations to promote dialogue and social cohesion.
- Enable about 20 children and young people on how to use various musical instruments.