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"italovenezolana artist needs help to be hospitalized for neuropathies, fibromyalgia"

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  1. hello my name is maria alejandra lopez de marco, I will tell my story, I was born premature, then develop allergies and asthma could not go to study and I was hospitalized and I was vaccinated, I had traumatic problems since my mother is bipolar and my dad was alcoholic, presence of gender violence between my parents, that traumatized me, my dad wanted to divorce and I play with my father to live at my grandparents paternos, for years I did not see my mother again, when she was looking for me in the house of my paternal grandparents called the polizia that traumatized me more and more, I had health problems since I suffered from small depression and lack of concentration and I was always tired, I changed a lot of schools, I became very sick with influenza, a the 15 years gave me a depressive crisis that cut my right arm with a leaf, enter a school called apune where I adapt better, but I felt depressed and tired, at 15 years of age met my first boyfriend, n because of his mother who insulted me when he was not, after I finished with my first boyfriend, I was depressed and went to an acquaintance of a friend of mine, who offered me a shot of alcohol, he drogo me violo, the other day I filed the complaint and then he told the police that we were engaged and was drugged, and on the forensic examination came ripping from the vagina,, Which violate escaped me out of Venezuela and I was not the one he raped her, they were other familiar friend that raped and were virgins, after this episode I started using drugs, mostly cocaine and amphetamines, study careers graphic design, fashion design and fine arts took a lot of coffee and red bull, after many years consuming decided to single out drugs, I moved home to my Partenos grandparents and that affected me a lot because I had psychosis posttraumatic and Doctor sent me to take Zyprexa but never did, my father sometimes supportive, spend time and had a partner who was an alcoholic who rip me off and hit me on the head with the wall, it affected me much more and I was hospitalized in a psychiatric center of a dr that recommended by a friend, was Dr. Chirinos, who after years put him in prison for sexual abuse and murder of a girl, that affected me because he put me sedation and can not remember if abuse me, I went ahead with my life and Italian study, take my Italian citizenship, I exhibited in major museums, the ambajada of Italy, the Italian Consulate and the Italian Institute of Culture, worked in the board by the government of Italy INAS-CISL in Caracas, Chacao sector at the same time 2 uncles gave me colon cancer,between the stress of helping my uncles with cancer, work, study, after my favorite uncle of cancer died and then my grandmother died of old, a week I exploded pains, I thought I had cancer, I spent years without diagnosis, my family did not believe me and never let me go back to live in my grandparents' house. I felt alone, I went to a neurologist who told me that I had cerebral dysrhythmia, but the pain continued, I could not get out of bed, I could not move a I could not even write, I could not understand anything that happened to me. It was very strong, until I went to a doctor who diagnosed fibromyalgia, and interviewed Italian journalists. It was when my family thought I was ill, but only I visited 3 times, my friends stopped contacting me, and I isolated, I had help from the consul of Italy giovani davoli but it was for a short time, in my life I had 4 abortions, one of which I was bleeding for 2 years, that affected me even more, I opened n group on facebook for people with chronic pain and fibromyalgia, quize to make a foundation in Venezuela but I saw myself, I went to treatment with a very good pisquiatra that helped me a lot, and had my treatment, with pregabalin, mild antidepressant, and olanzapine, and alprazolam, that doctor gave me a report that says that I am disabled, but the government of italy, and the government of venezue, havent not been given me disability pension,my father is older and can not help me more aggressively, because of the lack of drugs in Venezuela, I had to stop the antidepressant alone, and that affected me very badly, I had to stop the olanzapine, for a friend from the embassy of spain I was able to get pregabalina and I brought clothes, a friend who lives in usa I sent clothes, I had not eaten for 5 months, I just took water and smoked cigar, I could not sleep, I felt alone and my dad did not care, I said to me pope to accompany me to the ucv to emergencies when I was not attended to I was told that mine was not an emergency, my dad took me to a psychiatric hospital and there they saw me, I was very drugged by gabapentin and pregabaline because I had the pains very strong, the doctor who saw me told my dad that I could not be hospitalized for fibromyalgia, and that the hospital was not working because of the lack of medicines, I was only given Valium, so I could get some sleep, I followed the severe neuropatic pains, social isolation, I do not have money to go to private doctors, hospitals have no resources, people are murining in Venezuela because there are no medicines for chronic diseases,I started to feel panic attacks, I have premenopause, or some hormonal disorder, I went to the doctors of chacao and a psychiatrist told me that I possibly had peripheral neuropathy, from the years of alcohol and drug abuse, and I had the addiction that it was not I said antidepressants and I said that they were not obtained in Venezuela, I said: you do not see that you do not get antidepressants, and if I take them, and then they disappear, I have to leave them and I will not spend more for that, I prefer not to touch them , of the soladad that my mother felt called me and I told her to come to live with me, she gives her crisis, and I can not handle it, she is an Italian citizen and the government of italy and the government of venezuela have given her medicines and pension for his illness, when my mother came to live with me, my father changed, he is very aggressive, and he behaves like when I was little, he hits me with the stick, he shouts at me, he does not hear me lock himself in his room, I tell my mother to take her medication and lla gets aggressive and I'm afraid she'll do damage, my father when these events break lamps and light bulbs, nowadays I have no light in my house, I feel alone, my family outside Venezuela I tried to contact to be able to leave me parents and me but I have not wanted to respond,the Venezuelan government cuts off water and water comes once a week, sometimes I spend 2 weeks without bathing, my mother's pension is not enough, my father does not make much money, I'm afraid of trying to commit suicide again because I did it in the past for so much pain, I took 3 boxes of alprazolam but I did not die, it gave me a kind of bronchitis, I'm desperate, in the portestas the police of the Venezuelan government threw me inside the house a lacrimogena defeated, I threw it out and went outside to protest and they threw me the whale with water under pressure damaging my left leg for 6 months I could not walk and I had bruises, after that episode I do not leave my house,in the second protests passed by my house like thousands of them on motorcycles and I screamed and gave panic attack and the pains were blasted by the stress and fear of the police of the Venezuelan government, I do not have a job from home, I have no money to make my are or paint and I can not do it for lack of medication and depression, my legs fail me I fall in the house and I did damage in the left leg, a cousin helps us with some food, but the food I get is bad and fattening does not nourish, I have problems sleeping, I share my bed with my mother, and she complains that I do not let her sleep, and she in her illness does not understand my illnesses, I'm very bad in Venezuela, I have respiratory problems because I have been smoking cigarette for the anxiety disorder that I have that I can not handle because for lack of money I have not been able to go to therapy regularly, I want to rhyme of venzuela I called to the consulate of italy for help and they me close the phone oy and they do not listen to me, they only tell me to go there and I can not go single use baston and I do not have money for taxi, I do not pay anyone to take me, I went once to the embassy in Italy with cane because I stay close to home and I did not let myself pass I felt offended, I feel bad, I have dizziness, a lot of neuropathic pain, I'm tired and could not sleep because of the pain, I do not have help in the house for cleaning and withoutwater can not clean the house, no one comes to help me and since I can not do certain things I did before, I need help to go from Venezuela to a country, where I can work from home, have help, have access to my medicines, and oder to have my space to be able to create art and expose, please I need help. my email is: I deserve a better life and live in a free country and that my disability rights are fulfilled, I hope that this request reaches the European community and I can travel and go to another country and ask that I repatriate the embassy of Italy to pay my ticket air to any European country where I can live and send me the medicines I need, and take my art, or some family in Europe adopt me and feel the warmth of home that I need and never had..

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