Immediately Inclusion of Ukraine to EU

Immediately Inclusion of Ukraine to EU

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Started by M Singh

Europeans Please Support !

You Can Change It !!!!

Ukraine is under attack but why, is it because of us or is it because of you ? 

No it's not because of you yet but if you if we do not support then the guilt will haunt us of not seizing the opportunity to help now and stop such events to happen in the future.

Ukraine after the demise of Soviet Union learnt about democracy and European values and realized that's where they belong.
Unfortunately the new Russia and it's regime continued to rule Ukraine indirectly by installing proRussian leaders, we can call them "Russian Agents" and kept the Ukraine a vassal state of Russia.

There were few instances of hope when a new proEuropean leaders were elected in past in Ukraine, but for some reason or other the Russian interference overthrew them from power.

In Ukraine each time the hope of democracy grew when a leader was elected by people who promised that he/she make Ukraine join EU, but that hope turned to hopeless in short time.
But after getting elected such democracy advocating leaders failed to remain in power, because the pursuit for democracy was a very long journey overstretched by beurocratic mechanism and processes.

This long process and delay was each time used by Russian regime to flare up frustration in people via disinformation campaigns, telling them that EU will never accept Ukraine and new democrat leader is a lair. This way they have been successfully in reinstalling their state agent to rule Ukraine, kept it weak and to maintain a security threat buffer zone between European frontiers.

Imagine 15 years back when Putin was weaker that time EU had taken Ukraine in EU and enforced the change while having it being a part of it. If that had happened we would not have to see today's disaster, we would not have to see innocent people and children loosing their lives.

Ukraine is trying to escape from Russian tentacles, have tried its best and did most reforms what it could do, and of which some of them are the fastest reforms ever done by any country in the history or reforms.

The current president Volodymyr Zelensky started the big change, faster reforms, made anti corruption and transparency in governence the priority and first time successful implemented some critical ones in the entire the history of Independent Ukraine.

But that does not end here, the diminishing, weakening and constantly eroding foundation of what we enjoy the most, we know or call it the DEMOCRACY, faith of which has been under attack since past decade by autocracy again spreading it's cancer in many large countries including well established democracies, to that everything UKRAINE and Volodymyr Zelensky has given new life and hope which we must support.

EUROPE and EUROPEAN PEOPLE if you today not accept Ukraine and not immediately include it to your family you will be making a grave mistake which your children will blame you for. It will make Europe vulnerable by depriving the largest country in European Continent, Your Continent, Our Continent the security and true democracy which will help Europe for centuries.

Today "YES" today UKRANIAN PRESIDENT VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY & UKRAINE are fighting for the EUROPEAN security and for the very faith of DEMOCRACY we all enjoy.

UKRAINE IS THE HIDDEN GEM & ASSET so its inclusion brings EUROPE a big value not a liability.

  • Bread Basket Of Europe, in other words the bread you eat every day in the morning most likely the wheat of that comes from Ukraine, produced in Ukraine.
  • The WhatsApp you use is cofounded by Ukranian American.
  • The popular SnapChat also has Ukranian roots
  • The Revolut app the most popular and trusted in Europe and America for banking is also Ukranian.
  • Large number of IT service we enjoy today have their roots in Ukraine .
  • From food to tech from tech to medical Ukraine and Ukranian support our lives on daily basis.

Ukraine is a country with calm friendly people.

The country with intelectual doctor, we know many in and across EUROPEAN big cities and in Canada, in the U.S and all over the world. These are hardworking medical professionals who also contributed big in covid 19 crisis.

The country is also an important place and epicenter of science and tech R&D,  some of the best air force and aerospace engines are build there.

First and Foremost is security. So first and last frontier of Europe's security needs to be fortified which is Ukraine.

Unlike other countries in que to join EU, Ukraine stands out special place because of what it is sacrificing today, today it's a clean slate reforms today are not needed because there is no past legacy to be cleaned as there is a war in action. Each stake holder from the President, his ministers and his people are only one thing and that is soldiers fighting for democracy and European values.

EU please give your wish list of reforms to Ukraine, so the Ukranian president accepts and sign it. We don't have to wait for reforms anymore all it should need a promise and declarations of acceptance and implementation of reforms. War has cleaned the old legacy we are at point zero

Sign this petition to tell your leaders, goverment and European Union Commission that you don't want to wait for years you support immediate inclusion of Ukraine to EU.


125 have signed. Let’s get to 200!