Help and support the stay at home and raising children moms.

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Stay at home and raising babies is a full-time job.

IT MUST be recognised and paid for.

Years of contribution to state pensions must be given also.

This represents the backbone of our society and the only long-term sustainable economic growth and pension payment support while tackling the increasingly old populations in our EU countries.

European decline of the population can be stopped and reversed if we acknowledge that our wifes, the mother of our children are working harder at staying home and raising children than employed women.
They must be fully supported in order to wish to make babies. +

30 years ago the population was not in decline as it is now, life cost was cheaper and families would have been made in early 20's.

Now only some women make one child over 40 in many cases and the way the cost of life affects us all, we will lose financial support for pension payments. There is 0 support for raising children, but we all complain about not being able to maintain demographics.

We need another baby boom on this old continent. It will save our economies, our lives. We will not end as a culture with a healthy growth rate in demographics, but the incentive must be government support for all mothers of 3+ children.

Support our mothers, wifes and sisters.
Act now! Sign the petition. Save your mother or daughter from the hell of living a life without help and support.


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