Freigabe der 5. EU Antidiskriminierungsrichtlinie im Europäischen Rat, JETZT!

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the liberation of the 5th EU antidiscriminationdirective is not about refugees, it is about the adequate legal and physical adaptation of 100 million people with disabilities in Europe eg in the area of insurancepolicies, accessibilityrights based on goodwill of governments leave people with disabilities without necessary adaptations like a car - article 20 UNCRPD -. Accessibilityrights [UNCRPD rights] can not be based on goodwill! they are as mandatory as a daily teethbrush! The ratification and implementation of UNCRPD disabilityrights is no choice governments have worldwide, it is an obligation to enable people with disabilities to organize their life how they need - to jeorpardize necessary disabilityadaptations like a car intentionally by delaying the ratification of the UNCRPD for more then 14 years in case of the US Government is a clear crime leading to slow genocide of a group of 1 billion people worldwide!

those who say people with disabilities must be like bodybuilders dont intend to support inclusive policies and to provide unconditional #accessibility to my group eg a car analogue to article 20 UNCRPD