For the regularisation of migrants: no more borders and rapatriation centers in the EU!

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Strenghtening borders, not offering the same human rights to people coming from abroad, detaining them in closed centres, forcing them back to their country of origin and now, as is planned in different european countries: putting children into closed centers too...

Our politicians should assume the consequences of their politics: we can’t go on enabling goods to circulate into our countries, send weapons to these countries and then reject people as they try to reach our continent! It’s time to say it out loud: People should be treated better than commodities!

 We want Migrants to be welcome! Starting by the imminent regularisation of all migrants: this way migrants wouldn't always be blocked in the mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece..), rather, they would legally move to other european countries and contribute to our economy.

We ask for the opening of borders surrounding Europe and inside Europe and we want the closure of all closed centers: all people should have the same rights whether they were born in Europe or not, and shouldn't be able to be imprisonned just because of illegal travelling nor forced back to their country of origin. What we are facing is not a migrant crisis but a humanitarian crises.