Fed up with Trump? We sue the European Union.

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This is not a further analysis of how Trump is ruining the world dignity. It's an attempt to find a solution, most importantly, by having a strong reaction.

Trump policy is threatening the life of billions of people, Europeans as well. The European Union is doing practically nothing, not even taking some distance from his words of wisdom.

Is it possible that in 2017 Europe is still dominated by the Americans? Is it acceptable that EU does not clearly stand for a position, when the US is dragging everybody into atomic bomb scenarios, reopening almost closed conflicts, ultimately facilitating terrorist attacks? And for what reason exactly?

Do you feel represented? Protected? Is Europe defending our interests? Doesn't appear that this type of behaviour is leading us to an escalation of violence, because of somebody that we did not vote? Still it's influencing us and who should make our voice loud and clear is not talking.

I cannot ask Trump to change his... everything, but I can ask my government to defend me and my future. Somebody must speak up in a civilized but straightforward way, defend the world decency that is hostage of one questionable person.

I'm Giulia, I'm 28 years old, from Italy and I'm looking for two things:

- Lawyers firms willing to develop and carry on this idea till the very end.
- And especially a lot of people that would like to be part of this class action.

Never let an American do what an European can do (apologies to my American friends). I'm incredibly determined and will go on with this in any case, let's speak up a bit.

Thank you,

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