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European Union, free politic prisoners in Spain

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Spain is now the only country in Europe in which freely elected members of a goverment have been imprisoned just for letting people vote and for complying with their political program.

It is unacceptable to have people imprisoned for rebelion when the only violence seen has been applied by the goverment.

I really don't think this is the free Europe we all want, Europe should defend freedom, free thought and should not allow goverments to control justice.

Everyone can see that in Spain Justice and politics are hand by hand. The goverment controls the justice system and the people cannot complain.

It is time for Europe to act and stand for what it represents or to dissapear. If things don't change we will definitely be seeing more cases like UK's brexit.

Freedom has started to dissapear in Spain but unfortunately it is as contagious as a Virus and it must be stopped or we will all loose.

So Europe please help preserve freedom and force Spain to free political prisoners immediately, it is all in your hands.

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