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Nov 23, 2015 — Good evening,

I am happy to report that we reached 100.000 Signatures today.
And also that we have been getting support from several directions, including from some internet Shooting celebrities like Hickock45 and Instructor Zero. The NRA of the UK today joined the effort and posted the petition on their Facebook page for which I am very grateful indeed.
Finland and the Czech republic have already stated strong disagreement with this draft.

I want to thank all who provided translations and provided feedback on the page.

As I break down the numbers, there have been some changes, but overall Germany and Poland take the bulk of the signatures. But Poland and France have nearly doubled. I hope the UK will catch up now the NRA has backed up the initiative.

I cannot repeat this loud and often enough, we need more people to sign this.

There is NO time to lose so ask yourself, can you afford to stand by Idly?
The answer is NO, you cannot.

1 Sign, and get others to sign

Be active, do not expect this to happen automatically. Everybody has to mobilize and convince others.
We have many groups and organizations who are working hard to deal with this matter, Firearms United, All4shooters, the IPSC community, but do not expect others to do this for you.
We need everybody to put in the effort to find more signatures.

Talk to people and involve your shooting clubs and federations, regional, national.. all of them.
• If you think a certain organization needs to be contacted, contact them, as I cannot possibly contact every organization in the EU. The more people who do this, the more organization will realize this is serious.

• Explain them this is not a rumor, this is real and urgent. The EU is Fast tracking this all the way.
They want this law changed and implemented in the member states in 3 months’ time

• Do make sure they understand, that this affects everybody :
“You may not be affected now, but you will be next time around”

It does not matter if you are an ISPC shooter, Hunter, Target rifle shooter, Collector, Long Distance shooter, pistol, clay pigeon shooter or self-defense gun owner. Even if you do not have any of the guns they target now, you will be affected in the future when they repeat the exercise. We must stick together like glue or risk being blown away

2 Make sure to contact your Member of European Parliament and your national government
• Find the MEP’s for your country on the following link

• Also contact your national government and politicians

• Tell the committee that came up with the draft what you think of it but be civil name calling will not help us.

COM(2015)750/F1 - Send your feedback: from 18/11/2015 to 18/01/2016
Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Council Directive 91/477/EEC on control of the acquisition and possession of weapons

3 inform yourself

Please make sure you are fully informed and do not spread unfounded rumors.

• Firearms United has a number of summary pages

• The Facebook page for the petition

• Commission Proposals to strengthen control of firearms: Q&A

• History of the proposal by Katjia Triebel

In closing, I want to thank you who signed it so far, I am talking to many people, getting loads of mails and suggestions, I do appreciate them all and when possible I do use the tips and suggestions I get.

But please be aware that I cannot customize the petition for each specific group. Some think it’s too soft, some think it’s too harsh, some want “this” added, some want “that” removed. I will never be exactly what everybody wants to see in it. So please sign it for its core message : NO to this new legislation.

Best regards,
Stijn Vandamme

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