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My name is Elisabeth,

I am Catalan.

I am a 29 year old mother of two and I live in London.

Like most of you, I have signed many petitions that have arrived in my mail box from and other organisations during the past years, mostly about wars and violent conflicts around the world. But I never imagined that I would have to write one of my own for my own country.

As all of you have seen in the front pages of newspapers and media websites around the word, on Sunday Spain's government ordered a brutal and horrible action towards Catalan people who were peacefully queuing in streets and in polling stations. The scale of violence and brutal force used by the national police can only be described in images... no words can fully describe it..... indiscriminate hitting with truncheons, guns firing big rubber balls which are illegal weapons in Catalonia, kicking, slapping, dragging people by the hair, throwing people from stairs......

More than 800 people were injured, many of them had to be treated in hospital, two of them are in a serious condition.

A young woman who was defending elderly people was taken by a police officer who broke three of her fingers one by one purposefully as a punishment for interfering while he was hitting innocent people.

I am sure that the images of elderly people on the ground bleeding from their heads have appalled all of you.....

There are no reasons, no excuses, no logic, no political views and agenda that can justify these barbaric actions and the brutality that happened yesterday.

And yet, most European Countries, world leaders and the European Union are quiet! They don't dare to condemn the brutality of the images because they don't want to be at odds with the Spanish government because of their own political interests despite the UN Human Rights Comitee 'warning the Spanish authorities that their “worrying” efforts to halt Sunday’s poll appear to violate fundamental rights and risk stifling debate “at a critical moment for Spain’s democracy"' (the guardian). 

This is complete hypocrisy!!! Europe and the 'Western World' always praise themselves for their 'freedom', 'democracy', 'sense of justice', 'human rights', 'freedom of expression', etc. and try to indoctrinate the whole world about it. They invade other countries in the name of 'democracy and justice' and to create 'democracies' like their own. They condemn the violence and brutality of any government in the developing world which shows signs of totalitarianism. They help and support minorities in developing countries. They are 'the saviors of the world', the 'more advanced countries', the countries that the rest of the world has to be moulded up to.

And yet........

In front of their eyes, on their doorstep, in a part of their Europe, a part of their 'developed Western World' they saw yesterday brutality and violence being used by a state against a minority; they saw blood on elderly people; they saw repression, censorship, human rights being breached..... and yet.....

most remain silent.

Or even worse....

Boris Johnson was the first person from the British government to tweet on Sunday evening:
"The Catalonian referendum is a matter for the Spanish govt & people. Spain is a close ally and a good friend, whose strength and unity matters to the UK" @borisjohnson

Is this all that the British government has to say about the brutality of Sunday? Regardless of the political views and beliefs, would it not be normal for a politician and human being to start his tweet by saying how sad he is about what happened 'today' in Spain and that he feels sad for the more than eight hundred injured people and wishes the more seriously injured of them a quick recovery? Where is the humanity in our 'Western' governments when violence creates victims in their own Western World, perpetrated by their own allies?

The European Commission declared on Monday that 'this is an internal matter for Spain' and 'We trust the leadership of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to manage this difficult process' ( They support Spain's Prime Minister brutal actions!

I am certain that if yesterday's events had happened in a Middle Eastern Country, Asia or Africa, all of Europe would be condemning the brutality of the 'bad' totalitarian government against a peaceful minority. They would all feel proud of being the 'good', 'advanced', 'democratic' governments of the West and would tweet and appear on the news publicly condemning the brutal events. Some of them might even try to help and diplomatically intervene! The EU, Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel called yesterday's actions an 'internal problem' of Spain. They don't call it 'internal problems' when they invade, intervene and interfere in lots of developing world countries! Catalan people need help and they stubbornly deny it because they don't want to damage their relationship with Spain. This is pure hypocrisy! Where is their belief in human rights now?

On Sunday I was extremely sad to see my people being beaten, the grandparents of my friends bleeding, family friends in younger sister full of fear....the images of my country made my heart full of tears.....

But the sadness also came from realizing how hypocritical our 'Western world' is, that Europe and the European Union are useless, that they don't protect their citizens.... that even knowing that tension was escalating, even after the UN posted a report about the breach of human rights by the Spanish Government last Thursday (before all this brutality happened!), Europe remained quiet, the European Union didn't act or try to mediate....

I have always felt very European, felt very proud of being 'Europe', felt very proud of the values of our 'Western World' and subconsciously believed in our 'advanced status' in terms of democracy, justice, human rights....

On Sunday, Spain's brutality made my heart sink.... but Europe's and its leaders' silence and words made me feel lost in a world that I had believed in. Spain has blood on its hands but so do European countries for allowing it to happen without trying to mediate, and even worse, for not even condemning the brutality.
Please help me in asking Europe's and the World politicians and leaders to condemn yesterday's events, to tell Spain's government that it is not right to use brutal force against unarmed and peaceful people, to condemn the breech of human rights as the UN has already done.

Are you happy that your government and your representatives agree with Spain's brutal actions yesterday that shocked the world? Do you agree that your government and representatives don't condemn acts that breach human rights?

This is not an internal problem in Catalonia. This is a problem that affects all of us as it shows the hypocrisy of all our governments and representatives and it shows that we are undefended and alone and that if it is not a part of their interests (oil, political alliances, financial benefit, winning electors...) our leaders and politicians don't care if blood is being shed in front of our homes.

Please help me, us, and all of you who believe in human rights by signing this petition and forwarding it in facebook, whatsapp, twitter, etc. to as many people as possible. We all, as human beings have to protect human rights and condemn violence, as clearly, our politicians and representatives sadly don't.

Thank you.....................................

Today: ELISABETH is counting on you