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Brexit: No privilege for the UK

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UK has decided to start the process to leave the EU. The main reasons invoked are controlling the EU immigration and not contributing to the EU budget. They have the right to do so but if the UK does not want to share the burden of membership, the EU cannot give the UK any of the benefits of it. One cannot expect not to pay the fees to belong to the club but still use the facilities. If citizens of the EU cannot move and work freely in the UK, British goods and services shall not be allowed to move freely in the EU. We, as Europeans, cannot allow the UK, and British companies or citizens, to get the benefits they like without paying the costs. EU cannot be an "a la carte" choice. Brexit means Brexit but Out also means Out.

We ask the European institutions not to give UK any of the benefits of membership if they do not accept all the 4 freedoms.

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