Petition to save Saskatoon Public Libraries: SPL CEO Carol Cooley Must Resign

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Whereas the citizens of Saskatoon treasure our public libraries and believe they should be managed in a transparent, community-oriented manner. Whereas we want to maintain a public library system that values both the communities
which libraries serve and the library staff who run the programs and do the work.

Whereas we are concerned that the move to a “community-led” library model is being used to provide cover for a top-down restructuring process that has lacked transparency, accountability, and fairness.

Whereas the process has resulted in dozens of layoffs, the elimination of specialist positions, and the elimination of the following library departments: Children’s Services, Fine Arts, Adult & Information Services, Circulation/Interlibrary Loan/Young Adult Services, Central Library Public Services, Outreach Services, and Local History.

Whereas targeting the predominately women workers of SPL with layoffs, reduced wages and hours, and cutting community programming do not reflect community priorities. Whereas libraries exist to serve the public and the move toward a “community-led” model should be undertaken respectfully and with accountability, not as an excuse to attack women workers and community programs.

Whereas the CEO of Saskatoon Public Libraries Carol Cooley has overseen a top-down restructuring process resulting in dozens of layoffs, the elimination of vital community programs and specialist positions, and overridden input from community stakeholders and library staff:

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the Council of the City of Saskatoon to demand the resignation of Carol Cooley as CEO of Saskatoon Public Libraries.