Say No to the Proposed Apartment Development set to loom over Lindsay and the Scugog river

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We object to the proposed new development at 3 St.David Street and 4 Riverview Road for one or all of the following Reasons:

The developement as proposed will negatively affect the Urban canopy, negatively affect property values, negatively affect historical character of the surrounding neighbourhood, will cause loss of privacy for all neighbouring residences due to the proposed height both on the east and west side of the Scugog River.  The development of a parking lot will cause environmental issues such as errosion of the lindsay auxiliary trail.  Spillage of car fluids washing into the scugog river. Causing unknown harm to fish and wildlife of the scugog river. The development may be to much stress on our water stations, joining onto the municipal water and sewage grid. It will negatively affect traffic and create a safety hazard, as this location is a major intersection for children to make their ways to 3 different school in the area, including St. Mary’s Catholic school, Queen Victoria Public School and I E Weldon Highschool. If council changes the bylaw to allow this proposed development it will be devastating to the community of 1 to 2 storey home owners in the surrounding area. It is riverfront property and is a beautiful heritage home currently standing in the location.