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Demand New York Fashion Week Designers Make Larger Sample Sizes

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Dear Council of Fashion Week Designers,

The disgusting culture of emaciation that surrounds the fashion world is not unavoidable. It is not simply "how things are." It exists because of the choices you make. You can choose to make clothing that fits more than a skeleton. You can choose to empower and be inspired by those around you rather than surrounding yourself with beautiful zombies.

Let's make fashion about art, about expression, about freedom rather than oppression. The change is simple. Require larger sample sizes: from a size 0/2 to a 4.


Here's a small list of quotes from my experience within the industry about how detrimental the tyranny of the tiny sample size truly is. 

“I’ve been eating cotton balls. My agency told me to.” -A Model

“I quit. I’m not modelling anymore because I like working out and they keep telling me I’m ‘too athletic’”-A Model 

“Do you know anyone who would prescribe me adderal? I just can’t live on coffee and cigarettes like I did when I was 16. I just need a way to keep my eyes open during the day” -A Model

“I’ve quit the industry a bunch of times, but I keep coming back for the art of it. Every time I quit, it was because of the health of the models. And honestly, I think it’s been getting worse. Now even the men are being asked to drop sizes so they can do the 'androgynous’ thing because they make more money as women.”- A Stylist/Designer

“Oh yeah, I carry chocolate cubes in my kit during fashion week for when the girls pass out in my chair. They don’t eat all day and suddenly it’s my responsibility to make sure they will look good out on the runway. It’s disgusting” -A Makeup Artist

“Well, you are too fat, I mean, you’re beautiful, but if you really wanted to be a top model, you’d have to lose at least 30 pounds, that’s how they like them, skin and bones. Then they photoshop the bones out in post.” -A Makeup Artist talking about me, a 5'11" 140lb model.

“Yeah, I tried biking everywhere for a little while. It was fun, but I started gaining inches around my hips and had to stop. Abs you can hide, butt muscles are a totally different story.” - A Model

“I don’t know if I can be a part of the fashion world. I keep seeing all this press about 'plus-sized’ girls and then don’t see them in editorials or on the runway. It’s almost as though they are just there to appease the public. And [this designer] I work for, I’ve talked to him about making bigger sample sizes, like a size 4 instead of a 0/2, and he says whenever someone does that, after the show people will say 'So and So’s clothes make people look fat.’” -Another Exceptionally Talented and Creative Soul

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