Unpaid Internships should be a Criminal Offence.

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Hey there everyone.

Yes. You might be a new growing Student in the field of architecture. Right? 

What if i tell you that the ethics of Architecture have so much fallen down that these new growing architecture students when go out for Internship are made to work day and nights without any pay scale.

Say you are even worse than a begger who could easily earn 300-400 Rupees a day without working for anyone. Without paying their asses off. 

We the students of Architecture are facing  this every single day when we go out for interviews and everything. We are asked to work without getting paid. 

Are these the Ethics of so called Architecture Field now? 

Are you just fine without the PAY you are supposed to Get? 

The firms and Architects have forgot i think that money is needed to have food shelter clothing and travel for everyday basis. And not everyone comes from a upper middle class society where one could afford working for free. 

Its really disheartening to see the culture and ethics of this Architecture field going down day by day.

No minimum wages are set for this course for the internship. And most of all there are no rules in the constitution and neither in the Architect's Act. 

I would request Council of Architecture to set up rules for the firms amd Architects for the benefit of intern students so that Atleast they could get minimum wages.